Boat Transportation & Other Services

If you are searching for boat transport service, then it is recommended that you take as much time to prepare. By doing enough homework, you'll not only avoid damaging the vessel during transport but also ensure you pay the right amount, preventing unexpected fees.

Extra information about boat transport service

Take time to Plan 

Boat transportation requires careful planning and proper attention to details. If preparing your boat for transport proves too difficult, you could always turn to boat transport agents who will help you re/decommission the vessel. Note that without proper preparation, the boat will be transported as it is and your transport company won't be responsible for any damage incurred.

Choose a Professional Company

By working with a company that has been in the industry for long will help you avoid costly delays and get your vessel to its destination in one piece. Both the company and the driver must share combined experience in the industry, working with different kinds of boats.


Taking into consideration the dimensions of your vessel, make sure the company has the proper vehicles for the job. When moving oversized vessels, the company should use poles and escorts as required by the state. The boat should be balanced, supported, stabilized and secured during transport. The weight needs to be properly distributed to ensure the ride is smooth all the way.


Before handing you a quote for the transportation, the company requires that you provide dimensions of the boat. Most companies try to cut down on cost by transporting more than one vessel at a time. This is why it is important to provide accurate measurements of your vessel.

Ship Electronics

Experts recommend that you transport equipment such as Loran systems and radios separately. If this proves difficult, consider storing all of them in the cabin with the windows and doors closed to prevent access.

Choose the Right Transport Company

Before investing in the service, find out whether the company has forklift or travel lift to be used when loading and offloading the vessel.

It would also be wise to work with a company that has a service bay where they disassemble and reassemble the command bridge or radar arch if necessary.


Prices will vary as you move from one boat transport company to the next. If you take enough time to search around, you'll find a company that is not only reliable, but one that also saves you money on the service.